Elderly dog napping on a dog bed.

Providing a comfortable bed helps support joint health in senior Huskies.

Siberian Husky Health Problems in Old Age

As Siberian Huskies age, they can face several health problems that require attention and care. Common issues include:

Hip Dysplasia

 a genetic condition causing arthritis and pain, characterized by difficulty standing, limping, and stiffness in the hips. 


involves maintaining a healthy weight, providing a comfortable bed, using joint supplements, and consulting a veterinarian for pain management.


 inflammation and pain in the joints, causing limping, decreased mobility, and stiffness.

 Management involves providing a soft bed, regular gentle exercise, joint supplements, and medications for pain relief.

3.Eye Problems: 

older Huskies are prone to cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), causing cloudy vision, night blindness, and gradual loss of vision. Understanding these potential issues is crucial for providing the best quality of life for senior Siberian Huskies.


- Regular eye check-ups with your veterinarian

- Surgical options for cataracts if recommended by your veterinarian

- Adjusting your home environment to support a visually impaired dog


Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone, affecting the dog's metabolism.


- Weight gain despite a normal diet

- Lethargy and reduced activity

- Hair loss and skin problems

- Cold intolerance


- Thyroid hormone replacement therapy prescribed by your veterinarian

- Regular monitoring and blood tests to adjust medication dosage

Dental Problems

Dental health is crucial, especially as your Husky ages. Dental diseases such as periodontitis can lead to pain and infection.


- Bad breath

- Red, swollen gums

- Difficulty eating or chewing

- Loose or missing teeth


- Regular dental check-ups and cleanings by your veterinarian

- Daily tooth brushing with dog-specific toothpaste

- Dental chews and toys to help maintain oral health

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS)

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in dogs is similar to Alzheimer's disease in humans, causing behavioral changes and memory loss.


- Disorientation and confusion

- Changes in sleep patterns

- Loss of house-training skills

- Decreased interaction with family members


- Environmental enrichment and mental stimulation

- Consistent routines to reduce confusion

- Medications and supplements as prescribed by your veterinarian


Older Huskies, like many senior dogs, have an increased risk of developing cancer, which can manifest in various forms.


- Unexplained weight loss

- Lumps or bumps on the body

- Changes in appetite or eating habits

- Persistent sores or wounds that do not heal


- Regular veterinary check-ups and screenings

- Surgical, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments as recommended by your veterinarian

- Palliative care to manage symptoms and maintain quality of life

Preventative measures and promoting healthy ageing for senior Siberian Huskies.

To ensure healthy aging in senior Huskies, regular veterinary check-ups are crucial to catch health problems early. A balanced diet tailored to their age and health needs is also essential, including high-quality proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Regular exercise, such as daily walks and low-impact activities, helps maintain muscle tone and joint flexibility. 

Mental stimulation through puzzle toys, training sessions, and social interaction can prevent cognitive decline. Additionally, dental care, weight management, and proper hydration are vital. Providing a comfortable living environment with orthopedic beds, non-slip flooring, and accessible ramps can also support their health needs. 

By implementing these preventive measures, senior Huskies can live a long and healthy life. Regular veterinary care, a balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle are key to ensuring a good quality of life for senior Huskies.

• Regular veterinary care

• A balanced diet

• A healthy lifestyle


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